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Connie Eason, April 24, 2018

Long time NC-C2 member Connie Eason has fell and cracked 2 ribs. Connie is in a lot of pain,unable to get confortable. Connie is in need of prayers and positive thoughts sent her way. All correspondence can be sent to Connie Eason 975 Hatcher Rd. Selma NC.27576. tomt


Jane Wall, April 24, 2018

Please keep one of our members, Jane Wall, in your thoughts and prayers. She had surgery on her hand and the biopsy came back positive with melanoma. Appointments are being set up with other doctors and has to get her lymph nodes checked. Please pray it has not spread. Cards can be sent to: Jane Wall, 305 Wynwood Dr., Jamestown, NC 27782. Colleen FitzGerald, NC-A Chapter Director


Kevin Tripp, April 21, 2018

Mary I just received a call about Kevin Tripp,  he has turned for the worst and the family has been called in,  his son lives in Fla  and says he doesn’t know if he can get up enough money to make the trip here,  since he has made several trips here already.  Maybe some of the Goldwingers  could help.   We knew when we saw him yesterday he couldn’t go on must longer.  It’s just sad  Thanks for caring and I will update as I know more. Bobby & Alice Manning


Jim Bankston, April 21, 2018

A long time member of C2 and a Life Member of GWRRA Jim Bankston is in need of prayers and positive thoughts sent his way for a full and speedy recovery! Jim fell Wednesday and is in a lot of pain, having a lot of problems being mobile, nothing seems to be broken but has a lot of tissue damage to his knees that have been bothering him for a long time. .............. all correspondence can be sent to 8452 Healthy Plains Church Rd. Sims NC. 27880. NC-C2, tomt


Kevin Tripp, April 20, 2018

As most of you know Kevin Tripp from Chapter D and D-2 has been very sick and been in the hospital for several months, first he was at the VA Hospital in Durham and was transported to Vident Hospital in Greenville and stay there for a few weeks and then transported back to the VA hospital in Durham.  Bobby & I were at the VA Hospital on Monday and Friday on this week, on Monday we were unable to see him because of something they were doing to him but on Friday  I was able to see him for a few minutes and got to see his doctor,  of course  the doctor couldn’t tell me anything expect Kevin has been and still is a very sick man,  when I called his name he did open his eyes and that’s all.  His son lives in Fla and is coming back in town on Monday.  At this time all anyone can do for Kevin is pray. Bobby & Alice Manning, Chapter D


Allyson Lee, April 18, 2018

Hello, This is Corky and I am writing for prayer for Allyson. She will be having her surgery tomorrow and she has been really depressed. This surgery will help the fluid but it has the risk of toxins going in her brain. In her recovery could you send this out so maybe someone will send her some cards or well wishes. My wife has been battling  advanced liver disease for over a year now. Her case has been going on for 5 years but now her body is in a need for a miracle to take over. I can not imagine what she has been going thru. I love my wife and we really need prayer. Thanks for everyone who is already praying for her. I know her Goldwing family has lifted her up. Thank you, Corky Lee


Jeff Baker, April 17, 2018

Jeff Baker a NC-C2 Member that we are very Happy to share with Sanford NC-S2, had a accident in Tennessee on the 40 to Phoenix ride Thursday morning. Jeff suffered a couple of broken bones on his left side. Jeff is in need of prayers and positive thoughts sent his way for a fast and complete recovery!!!!!!!!All correspondence for Jeff baker can be sent to: Jeff Baker 421 Rhynewood Dr. Sanford NC. 27330.  NC-C2, tomt


Mitchell Beeler, April 16, 2018

I just spoke with Mitchell. K2 CD,  and he will be going into Chapel Hill UMC Hospital this friday, 4/20/18 for surgery. He expects to be there for 5-7 days. Cards can be sent to Mitchell Beeler, 2133 Coffman St., Fayetteville NC 28306.  Austin & Peggy Gauthier ADD-East


Jeff Roth, April 16, 2018

Please keep one of our members, Jeff Roth, in your thoughts and prayers as he goes in for skin cancer surgery. At this time they plan to at least remove part of his ear. Cards can be sent to: Jeff Roth,  3904 Treford Ct., Greensboro, NC 27406. Colleen FitzGerald, NC-A Chapter Director


Randy Causey, April 16, 2018

Please keep one of our members, Randy Causey, in your thoughts and prayers as he begins his radiation treatments (5 days/week) for cancer. Cards can be sent to: Randy Causey, 2108 Cypress St., Greensboro, NC. Colleen FitzGerald,  NC-A Chapter Director


Deb Nadel’s son, April 8, 2018

An update on Deb Nadel’s son. The surgery for Deb’s son went fine. He is expected to be home from the hospital tomorrow. Just waiting for some additional test results.  He is eating regular food and walking around.   Thank you all for your concern. Mark Nadel. Tom FitzGerald, Chapter Director, GWRRA NC-A


Deb Nadel’s son, April 7, 2018

We wanted to let you know that our Sunshine/Care Bear person, Deb Nadel left for NY last night. Her son, is having emergency surgery this morning. We will fill you in on more details after surgery. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated. Cards can be sent to: Deb & Mark Nadel, 8211 Wendy Gayle Dr., Stokesdale, NC 27357. Thank you, Tom FitzGerald, Chapter Director, GWRRA NC-A


Mary Murdock, April 3, 2018

Good Day Everyone, First thing, Mary & I would like thank everyone for the cards, calls, visits, your friendship, those acts of kindness, and most of all the prays, as she continues to battle ALS. One does not realize the friends they have, until we face “life’s trials”. Update: Mary has completed the clinical trial and we are how awaiting the results as soon all volunteers have completed their portion of the trial. We feel that with all the prays sent up to “Our Lord & Savior”, the blood test before, during, after the trial, the overall slower progression of the disease during the trial, that she did indeed receive the “NR001” drug. We expect to receive the results on the next visit to Duke. Unfortunately this drug is not available on the open market. Since finishing the trial in October we have seem a drop in her energy level and several periods of rapid loss of muscle/mobility. Mary is scheduled for several new trials, one being a concentrated form of coconut flakes,( which has shown great success in Europe), a stem cell trial, one hopefully starting in the next few weeks. Mary now requires someone to be with her nearly all the time, with the girls & I making sure she is assisted when ever needed. Visitors and the grandchildren are a great boost to her spirit.

Mary has given up cooking, cleaning and other things around the house, driving, goes out little, and will be fitted for an electric wheelchair in late March to help her conserve her energy and give back some level of mobility. Of course insurance covers little, same as her breathing machine, Duke Medical and most of her medicine. Finally, the medical & equipment cost has been a drain of our finances, 401k, saving and running up credit cards to meet Mary’s needs. We cannot wait any longer for the governments disability and Medicare help, so the following action has been taken: The daughters & I have put together a donation page at: https://www.givesendgo.com/GDKJ.  Give Send Go is a Christian donation web site that charges only for the transaction, and asks for a donation to cover operating expenses. All donations go directly to cover Mary’s past and future expenses. We ask that you review the web site, let God lead you to donate, and PLEASE, PLEASE share/copy anyone inside or outside GWRRA, others chapters, your church, social media, friends, anyone that will help us get the word out of her need. Last week Mary had her roughest week yet, but has bounced back today. She is up now, so you may want to call her @ the home phone. I know she loves to hear from anyone. Donald L. Murdock, Sandhills Solar & Wind Inc., 194 Cabin Creek Road, Ellerbe, NC  28338 Lastly, Thank You, all for what you have done and continue to pray for Mary’s healing! Vinita, Christy, Brittney, Donald Murdock


Glenn Alphin, April 2, 2018

Glenn Alphin from D-2 and a good friend of chapter D had surgery today, he had to have aumbilical  cord hernia repair.  He is at home and doing good and ready to get on the bile and do some riding but I’m sure it will be a little time before that happens.  I know he would love to hear from you. Glenn Alphin, 470 Ranch Buck Road, Vanceboro, N C 285586. Thanks for taking the time to care. Betty, Chapter D Sunshine Lady


Kevin Tripp, April 2, 2018

Kevin Tripp a member of D and D-2 has been very sick for a long time and at my last posting  he was in Greenville hospital waiting for a bed at VA in Durham, he has  been     moved back to Durham.  He is doing some better, he has  open his eyes and more alert and been staying awake for periods of time.  He can’t speak at this time.  There  is nowhere to  mail a card to bur we can continue to remember him in our thoughts and prayers.


Jerry Herman, April 2, 2018

Mary, we would like to request prayers for Jerry Herman, please.  He is having a nuclear stress test on Wed. 4/4 to determine if he may have general anesthesia for a left hip replacement on 4/6. As an FYI, home phone number is  704-364-7705. Mailing address:  8323 Rittenhouse Circle, Charlotte, NC 28270-1067. Many thanks, Judie


JR Combs’s mother, March 28, 2018

B2 member JR Combs lost his mother March 28. Cards can be sent to: 4520 Hidden Ridge Tr., Tobaccoville, NC 27050. Thanks! Joseph and Lisa Brown, NC B2 CD


Judy Hubel, March 19, 2018

 A new member of X2, Judy Hubel, is going to have surgery at Mayo in Jacksonville on the 20th.  Please lift up prayers for a successful surgery.  Cards can be sent to Mrs. Judy Hubel, 846 Westside Drive, Newton, NC 28658 Ricky & Jan Dancy