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District Care BearText Box: Mary Craig 
Text Box:


Diana Templeís nephew, June 1, 2018

Hello everyone, Please keep Diana Temple and her family in your thoughts and prayers during this time of loss of her nephew. I came down to the beach this weekend to see my sis and family. We were having such a good time until tragedy struck on Sunday. My sis son Michael Pickett passed away Sunday. It is the hardest thing to watch your sis in so much pain and not be able to help her. Michael was like my son and I will truly miss him. He knew how much I loved him and you will never be forgotten buddy. Don't worry about your mother because I will be here for her and your grandmother. Rest in peace buddy because I will see you one day. The service is Friday June 8 at Hudson's funeral home in Durham visitation 6 to 7 service is at 7. Join us to celebrate Michael DeWayne Pickett life. Michael Pickett
His obituary has been posted on Hudson's website. It contains all the information in regards to his service. Thank you for all the love and support over the last few days. We appreciate it more than you know. Cards can be sent to Diana Temple, 1626 Gate 2 Rd., Creedmoor, NC 27522. May Craig, NC District Care Bear


Danny Bowlandís mother, May 27, 2018

Well I have some more bad news to report. Danny Bowlandís 96 year old Mother passed away at 11:45 last night.  This was the same day of Donaís Motherís funeral.  Mrs. Bowland had been in bad health for some time and they just got her moved to hospice last night at 6:15 so she didnít last long after getting there. They do not want anymore food as there was plenty for her Motherís funeral and it is just her and Danny and they donít eat much.  I donít know any funeral arrangements but will let you know.  Please keep them in your prayers.  Of course, cards can be sent to: Danny Bowland, 2239 Rocklane Dr., Burlington,NC 27215. Shirley Stout, Care Bear,† NCN-Burlington


Dons Bowlandís mother, May 23, 2018

Wanted to let you know that Donaís Mother passed away early this morning.  Donít have any further information yet but please keep her and her family in your prayers. Sympathy cards can be sent to: Dona Bowland, 2239 Rocklane Dr, Burlington,NC 27215. Shirley Stout,† Care Bear, NCN-Burlington


Kenny Baker, May 18, 2018

NC-C2 member Kenny Baker needs continued Prayer and positive thoughts sent his way. Kenny is having foot surgery Monday mourning to repair his his badly broken foot. We hope he has a full and speady recovery! Correspondence can be sent to: Kenny Baker 5443 ST. MARYS CHURCH RD. Lucama NC. 27851. NC-C2, tomt


Kenny Baker, May 16, 2018

Kenny Baker a C2 & Staff Member that has been there when ever needed, is in need of prayers and positive thoughts sent his way. Kenny broke his foot while working on his boat. His foot also will require surgery to mend. All correspondence can be sent to: Kenny Baker 5443 ST. Marys Church Rd. Lucama NC. 27851. NC-C2, Director tomt 


Harriette Edger, May 7, 2018

Please share thoughts and prayers for NC-A Don & Becky Herrmann and family. NC-A member, Harriette Edger, Becky Herrmannís mother, had been in the hospital with pneumonia and congestive heart failure since April 30th. She was 92 years old and passed away May 4, 2018. She will be sent to upstate NY early in the week for funeral and burial. There will be a remembrance gathering at Don & Beckyís home a week or two after that for all her North Carolina friends. Cards can be sent to: Don & Becky Herrmann

1155 Fox Chase Ct., Salisbury, NC 28146. Colleen FitzGerald, NC-A Chapter Director


Calvin Cave, May 7, 20018

NC-A member Calvin Cave had a heart attack 5/4/18 and is in Alamance Regional Hospital in Burlington. He is having a catheterization procedure today, 5/7/18 to ascertain how much damage was done with possibility of a stint. Calvin is in good spirits. Heís in room 238  at the hospital located at 1240 Huffman Mill Rd. in Burlington. Colleen FitzGerald, NC-A Chapter Director


Allyson Lee, April 29, 2018

Hello Everyone, This update on Allyson came from her post on face book. We all need to continue to pray for her and let her know that we all love her and miss seeing her. Her address is Allyson Lee, 302 East E Street, Erwin, NC 28339. Lets send her a lot of cards letting her know she is in our thoughts and prayers. Here is my update. I had the heart cath this morning thus revealing the pressure in my veins were high. So not only do I have fluid in my abdomen, my lungs, heart and all the veins in this area. Everyone is asking me what the next thing going to be to fix me. They do not know, I have so many complications. I will be in here next week getting IV antibiotics to get the fluid out of my heart so they can do the next step. I was told today that the cirrhosis was not only from drinking, it was a defect in my heart. As I sit here and look at my screen the hundred's of people who have comforted me with their prayers, remember this every one of you I truly care about and love. I don't know what to say, I am truly crushed right now emotionally. I can not give up. I won't be able to finish school with my class, I just want to graduate, to have my children proud of me. Ally. Mary, NC District Care Bear


Connie Eason, April 24, 2018

Long time NC-C2 member Connie Eason has fell and cracked 2 ribs. Connie is in a lot of pain,unable to get confortable. Connie is in need of prayers and positive thoughts sent her way. All correspondence can be sent to Connie Eason 975 Hatcher Rd. Selma NC.27576. tomt


Jane Wall, April 24, 2018

Please keep one of our members, Jane Wall, in your thoughts and prayers. She had surgery on her hand and the biopsy came back positive with melanoma. Appointments are being set up with other doctors and has to get her lymph nodes checked. Please pray it has not spread. Cards can be sent to: Jane Wall, 305 Wynwood Dr., Jamestown, NC 27782. Colleen FitzGerald, NC-A Chapter Director


Kevin Tripp, April 21, 2018

Mary I just received a call about Kevin Tripp,  he has turned for the worst and the family has been called in,  his son lives in Fla  and says he doesnít know if he can get up enough money to make the trip here,  since he has made several trips here already.  Maybe some of the Goldwingers  could help.   We knew when we saw him yesterday he couldnít go on must longer.  Itís just sad  Thanks for caring and I will update as I know more. Bobby & Alice Manning


Jim Bankston, April 21, 2018

A long time member of C2 and a Life Member of GWRRA Jim Bankston is in need of prayers and positive thoughts sent his way for a full and speedy recovery! Jim fell Wednesday and is in a lot of pain, having a lot of problems being mobile, nothing seems to be broken but has a lot of tissue damage to his knees that have been bothering him for a long time. .............. all correspondence can be sent to 8452 Healthy Plains Church Rd. Sims NC. 27880. NC-C2, tomt


Kevin Tripp, April 20, 2018

As most of you know Kevin Tripp from Chapter D and D-2 has been very sick and been in the hospital for several months, first he was at the VA Hospital in Durham and was transported to Vident Hospital in Greenville and stay there for a few weeks and then transported back to the VA hospital in Durham.  Bobby & I were at the VA Hospital on Monday and Friday on this week, on Monday we were unable to see him because of something they were doing to him but on Friday  I was able to see him for a few minutes and got to see his doctor,  of course  the doctor couldnít tell me anything expect Kevin has been and still is a very sick man,  when I called his name he did open his eyes and thatís all.  His son lives in Fla and is coming back in town on Monday.  At this time all anyone can do for Kevin is pray. Bobby & Alice Manning, Chapter D


Allyson Lee, April 18, 2018

Hello, This is Corky and I am writing for prayer for Allyson. She will be having her surgery tomorrow and she has been really depressed. This surgery will help the fluid but it has the risk of toxins going in her brain. In her recovery could you send this out so maybe someone will send her some cards or well wishes. My wife has been battling  advanced liver disease for over a year now. Her case has been going on for 5 years but now her body is in a need for a miracle to take over. I can not imagine what she has been going thru. I love my wife and we really need prayer. Thanks for everyone who is already praying for her. I know her Goldwing family has lifted her up. Thank you, Corky Lee


Jeff Baker, April 17, 2018

Jeff Baker a NC-C2 Member that we are very Happy to share with Sanford NC-S2, had a accident in Tennessee on the 40 to Phoenix ride Thursday morning. Jeff suffered a couple of broken bones on his left side. Jeff is in need of prayers and positive thoughts sent his way for a fast and complete recovery!!!!!!!!All correspondence for Jeff baker can be sent to: Jeff Baker 421 Rhynewood Dr. Sanford NC. 27330.† NC-C2, tomt


Mitchell Beeler, April 16, 2018

I just spoke with Mitchell. K2 CD,  and he will be going into Chapel Hill UMC Hospital this friday, 4/20/18 for surgery. He expects to be there for 5-7 days. Cards can be sent to Mitchell Beeler, 2133 Coffman St., Fayetteville NC 28306.† Austin & Peggy Gauthier ADD-East


Jeff Roth, April 16, 2018

Please keep one of our members, Jeff Roth, in your thoughts and prayers as he goes in for skin cancer surgery. At this time they plan to at least remove part of his ear. Cards can be sent to: Jeff Roth,† 3904 Treford Ct., Greensboro, NC 27406. Colleen FitzGerald, NC-A Chapter Director


Randy Causey, April 16, 2018

Please keep one of our members, Randy Causey, in your thoughts and prayers as he begins his radiation treatments (5 days/week) for cancer. Cards can be sent to: Randy Causey, 2108 Cypress St., Greensboro, NC. Colleen FitzGerald,† NC-A Chapter Director


Deb Nadelís son, April 8, 2018

An update on Deb Nadelís son. The surgery for Debís son went fine. He is expected to be home from the hospital tomorrow. Just waiting for some additional test results.  He is eating regular food and walking around.   Thank you all for your concern. Mark Nadel. Tom FitzGerald, Chapter Director, GWRRA NC-A


Deb Nadelís son, April 7, 2018

We wanted to let you know that our Sunshine/Care Bear person, Deb Nadel left for NY last night. Her son, is having emergency surgery this morning. We will fill you in on more details after surgery. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated. Cards can be sent to: Deb & Mark Nadel, 8211 Wendy Gayle Dr., Stokesdale, NC 27357. Thank you, Tom FitzGerald, Chapter Director, GWRRA NC-A